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After the war, Bean spent two decades working on the official war history, writing six of the dozen volumes and supervising the overall project. Wikimedia Commons

View from The Hill: When there’s a lot in a name – ‘Bean’ survives a legacy war

As for his racism and anti-Semitism, Bean's attitudes on race changed in later years. He conceded he'd been wrong about Monash. In the 1940s he supported the idea of a Jewish refuge in Australia.
Men like Australian official correspondent, and later official war historian, Charles Bean (pictured on the island of Imbros, in 1915) understood the myth-making power of images. Source: Australian War Memorial

Why the Anzac legend has always been about branding

The Anzac legend is under siege by marketers trying to cash in: but the government also has a branding stake.
The idea of the Anzac soldier, as crafted by Australia’s official historian at Gallipoli, Charles Bean, has dominated historical memory. AWM

Bean’s Anzac Book shaped how Australians think about Gallipoli

Charles Bean made editorial decisions to eliminate the bloody realities of war in favour of a specially crafted and idealised construction of the Anzacs and the Gallipoli campaign.

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