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The game’s players are able to customise their own storyline, which can then be ‘featured’ and shared with other players. The catch is, there’s more than 12 million creators - and the content isn’t exactly well-regulated. STEFANY LUNA DE LINZY /

Episode – Choose Your Story: the inappropriate game your kids have probably played

The mobile game has been downloaded more than 50 million times. If you have kids, they’ve probably played it. But it’s more problematic than most people realise.
No, it’s nothing to do with a reptilian existential crisis – just a name game. melanie cook/Flickr

There’s no such thing as reptiles any more – and here’s why

You have likely been to a zoo at some point and visited their reptile house. A building where the climate control dial is stuck on the “wet sauna” setting, and filled with maniacal children competing to…
Will Google be subject to Australian media regulation? Stuck in Customs

Meeting the challenge of convergent media policy

It’s been a remarkably busy year for Australian media policy. There have been three major reports released that address the future of media policy and regulation in the context of convergent media: the…
The gaming industry’s decade-long journey might soon be over. Bethesda Softworks

R18+ classification for videogames … the quest continues

Late last week Federal Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare introduced a bill to parliament that takes Australia one step closer to an R18+ classification for videogames. No sooner had the classification…
Australia’s classification system has been updated to ensure the audience can judge whether content is appropriate for them. Flickr/kennymatic

Bringing media classification into the digital era

Media classification in Australia is being dragged into the digital world. At the moment it’s based on analog legislation, unsuited for today’s convergent media. But proposals unveiled today will transform…
The average Australian gamer is now more than 30 years old. RodrigoFavera

Video game classification? It’s time we all grew up

After many years of debate and deliberation Australia might finally be about to receive an R18+ rating for video games. On July 21 and 22 the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting will…
Are adult gamers being unfairly targeted by the current classification system? Sibeckham/Flickr

Fair game? Why we should back an R18+ classification

If you are in any way exposed to computer games on a regular basis, it won’t have escaped your attention that Australia does not have an R18+ classification for video games. This is particularly strange…

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