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Australia continues to enjoy voter turnout levels that are the envy of voluntary-voting regimes the world over. AAP/Lukas Coch

Election explainer: why do I have to vote, anyway?

The majority of Australians approve of compulsory voting – and have done so for decades. The nay-sayers continue to be a minority.
Two sides of the same coin? Convergence theory explains why the Labor and Liberal parties are often closer together on issues than they like to portray. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Convergence theory explains the lack of choice in Australian politics

Convergence theory – which holds that the main Australian political parties will, over time, converge upon near-identical policy positions on most issues – was on full display during budget week.
Australia has had a consistently high voter turnout thanks to compulsory voting. Niyazz/Shutterstock

Compulsory voting, much like democracy, beats the alternatives

Queenslanders will soon head to the voting booths to either oust or re-elect the Newman government and no doubt some will be wondering why. “Why must I vote or be fined? Why must I be forced to choose…
Corruption-buster Tony Fitzgerald is urging Queenslanders to lodge a protest vote against the major parties if they want to see real political reform. AAP/Dan Peled

Four ways to vote for a better democracy in Queensland

Tony Fitzgerald had a point when he recently urged Queenslanders not to vote for either of the major parties in the January 31 state election. The 73-year-old, who headed Queensland’s landmark corruption…
Politicians mustn’t turn their backs on young people. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Make the vote meaningful for young people – not compulsory

Young people’s relationship with politics in Britain is often considered to be both complex and problematic. On the one hand, this generation is often characterised as apathetic, with no interest in, or…
A sore sight for young eyes? EEPaul

Young Britons should vote early, and vote often

Australia goes to the polls this weekend to choose between two unpopular candidates: the incumbent, Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd has a net approval rating of -9 (representing approval rating minus disapproval…

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