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The information in credit histories can affect a bank’s decision to loan money. Stephanie Flack/AAP

Business Briefing: what happens to your credit history

Business Briefing: what happens to your credit history.
As credit reporting agencies find new ways to make money out of people accessing their credit histories, agency wrongdoing is calling into question the whole business model.
Harnessing the quantum property of light takes security to the next level. Boris Skoric

Quantum physics can fight fraud by making card verification unspoofable

Decades of data security research have brought us highly reliable, standardized tools for common tasks such as digital signatures and encryption. But hackers are constantly working to crack data security…
The ‘wireless’ symbol shows the card can broadcast its contents. Philip Toscano/PA

Visa flaw shows contactless payment still has its problems

Researchers have found the £20 limit for contactless payments with credit and debit cards can be tricked into accepting unlimited payments without entering a PIN number – when used with a foreign currency…
How secure is a signature on a credit card? Flickr/Jonas Carlsson

A forced PIN for all credit cards won’t stop the biggest fraud

Put the pen away when you next take out your credit card as from tomorrow (Friday August 1) Australians will no longer be able to use their signature when completing a transaction in a store. It’s PINs…

Credit cards users eat more junk food

Using cash and not credit cards to buy groceries leads to lower consumption of junk food, according to US researchers. Consumers…

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