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When someone humiliates themselves on TV, you want to look away, but you can’t. Designpics/Getty Images

The unbearable allure of cringe

What does secondhand embarrassment say about your own anxieties and biases?
We don’t seem to be able to shake our cultural status anxiety. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

The Book Club, Flanagan and our endemic cultural cringe

Writing in the Bulletin in January 1899, Henry Lawson complained about the difficulties of making a living as a writer. In this article he offered the emerging author a piece of unvarnished advice: [S]tudy…
A long line of people, especially from England, have run down Australian culture.

Only snobs would call Australia a ‘country with no culture’

“A country with no culture”. That sledge against Australia at the start of June won headlines for former England cricket captain David Gower. Gower decried the amount of verbal abuse from Australian cricket…
What time is it in Europe? Why are we still looking to the north Atlantic for cultural role models? leoplus

How to read Australia’s literary obsession with the North Atlantic

Last weekend columnist and broadcaster Phillip Adams published a piece in The Australian lamenting what he called the “coca-colonial cringe”: Like you I measure my life with American movies, music and…

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