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Articles on Cyber warfare

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Davos attendees compare firewall software. World Economic Forum

People come before computers in cybersecurity

As business leaders and politicians gather in Davos to discuss how to reshape the world, one of the topics on their agenda will be cyber-resilience, which is all about preparing organisations and individuals…
Disabling a country’s electricity with the click of a button. usairforce

New cyber-attack model helps hackers time the next Stuxnet

Of the many tricks used by the world’s greatest military strategists, one usually works well – taking the enemy by surprise…
Warfare 2.0 doesn’t require much more than a laptop. DFectuoso

The Syrian Electronic Army is rewriting the rules of war

In Dragon Day – a provocative new movie on release in the US in November – we see the consequences of a “cyber 9/11”. China has attacked the critical infrastructure of the US in a large-scale cyber-attack…

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