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Don’t worry about definitions, dressing up or whether you will understand it “correctly”. Just go! Yana Alana’s Tears Before Bedtime. Photo: Peter Leslie

The Festival of Live Art has arrived … but what is live art?

The inaugural Festival of Live Art (FOLA), which begins today in Melbourne, celebrates some of the most exciting artists working in performance today and yet, the exact meaning of the term “live art” is…
Can the carnival spirit, combined with sport, help deal with Brazil’s social issues? keka

From the favelas: rising up through arts and sport in Brazil

With final preparations now underway for next week’s annual Rio de Janeiro carnival, and as the hype builds for this year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, it’s almost inevitable images…
Masculinity must be learned and there are severe consequences for not upholding it. Vladimir Byazrov

Time for a step-change in how we view men on the dancefloor

On Sunday, So You Think You Can Dance Australia returned to Channel Ten, promising spectacular performances from male and female dancers around the country. And yet, in the non-TV world, it seems the men…

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