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Kenya’s Supreme Court upholds President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory following a re-run in 2017. EFE-EPA/Daniel Irungu

Discrediting elections: why the opposition playbook carries risks

By pushing their usually valid complaints onto the streets and the courts, opposition leaders deny governments the popular goodwill and international credibility they need to govern effectively.
Power to the people. EPA/How Hwee Young

China’s digital protesters aren’t confined to Hong Kong

As the last remaining protesters were being cleared from Hong Kong’s streets, many Westerners lamented the silencing of what they saw as China’s only pro-democracy voice. To them, the umbrella movement…
Enough is enough. EPA/Alex Hofford

How Hong Kong’s democracy protesters overplayed their hand

Time is running out for Hong Kong’s protest movement. Beijing’s last shred of patience has worn thin; police have cleared one of the protest zones in the commercial neighbourhood of Mong Kok, arresting…
Occupy Central Roadblock in Mong Kok. Wing1990hk, via Wikimedia Commons

Boundaries of illegality blur as Hong Kong protests rumble on

We often think of the distinction between legal and illegal as a matter of black and white – but with its universal suffrage movement still underway, Hong Kong is dealing with a much more complicated reality…

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