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Victorian premier-elect Daniel Andrews and his colleagues now have the chance to demonstrate unity, discipline and functionality to a swinging electorate. AAP/Joe Castro

Victorian election: Labor triumph or Coalition disaster – or neither?

After Daniel Andrews and Labor’s decisive victory in the Victorian state election at the weekend, there has been – not unexpectedly – a welter of post-election opinion trying to account for the rather…
What seats will decide the political fortunes of Daniel Andrews and Denis Napthine at the ballot box this weekend? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Explainer: five key seats to watch in the Victorian election

The Victorian election is just days away and the campaigning is reaching a final crescendo. Both the Labor and Liberal parties are saturating the local airwaves with advertisements. All of the polls point…
Comfortably ahead in the polls, Labor’s Daniel Andrews leads Coalition leader Denis Napthine into their pre-election debate. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Victorians look set to elect unlikely premier no. 3

Anyone in search of a prime example of the dictum that a functioning democracy is nothing short of a minor miracle need look no further than the state of Victoria. In the past 15 years, what has been the…
The trigger for independent MP Geoff Shaw’s potential expulsion from Victorian parliament seems to be the apparent insincerity of his comments on his apology. AAP/Joe Castro

Napthine should rethink ousting Geoff Shaw over apology

Victorian premier Denis Napthine has tabled a motion that would expel independent MP Geoff Shaw from parliament merely for the apparent insincerity of his apology rather than his reprehensible misuse of…
Denis Napthine hasn’t been able to rebuild the Victorian Coalition government’s support since replacing Ted Baillieu as premier. AAP/Joe Castro

Victorian Coalition has three months to change voters’ minds

Victorians will head to the polls in exactly three months to elect their new state government. Like New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, Victoria has fixed parliamentary terms. Since…
The Geoff Shaw affair has been an unwanted distraction for the Napthine government, which will be hoping for some clear air between now and the November 29 election. AAP/Julian Smith

With Shaw suspended, Victoria has averted crisis – for now

After months of uncertainty, it appears that the Victorian parliament may have resolved the political crisis that had threatened to consume the government. The passing last night of a motion to suspend…
Geoff Shaw’s potential expulsion from Victorian parliament raises serious questions about the scope of the Legislative Assembly’s powers and the way they are exercised. AAP/David Crosling

Explainer: Geoff Shaw and contempt of parliament in Victoria

Independent MP Geoff Shaw should be grateful the opposition is only proposing to expel him from Victorian state parliament. It could be worse. Victoria’s Legislative Assembly still has the power to lock…
Unless Victorian opposition leader Daniel Andrews accepts Geoff Shaw’s vote, there will be no progress on anything in the state’s political crisis. AAP/Julian Smith

Explainer: the constitutional implications of Victoria’s ‘crisis’

After a night of political uncertainty, the Victorian Labor opposition has indicated it will move to have ex-Liberal MP Geoff Shaw expelled from parliament instead of accepting his offer of support for…
Whatever course Victorian premier Denis Napthine chooses, he has effectively lost control of the government. AAP/Julian Smith

Napthine government stares into the political abyss

The political crisis confronting the Victorian parliament is both curious and concerning. Since Denis Napthine took over as Victorian premier 15 months ago, the issue has steadily developed into an entirely…
Victorian premier Denis Napthine accused the opposition of ‘hijacking democracy’ after an extraordinary week in Victorian state politics. What now? AAP/Julian Smith

Shaw, Smith, Napthine … just what is going on in Victoria?

Speaker Ken Smith has lost control of the Victorian parliament and the legislative agenda of premier Denis Napthine has ground to a halt. In an extraordinary move, Smith decided to shut down the Legislative…
Does anyone care that Denis Napthine is Victoria’s new premier? AAP/Julian Smith

Who’s the Premier? Who cares?

Last Thursday, Victorians awoke to the news that they had a new Premier. Ted Baillieu did not survive four days of rolling scandal which began with the release by the Herald Sun of four hours of taped…
External economic pressures, including a high Australian dollar, will pose challenges for the Napthine government. AAP

Flat economy will continue to challenge the Victorian government

The last two years for Victorians and the Baillieu government have been challenging, with a flat economy and tight budget constraints. The next few years for the Napthine government are likely to involve…
Ted Baillieu has gone from premier to backbencher within a week. Did his poor relationship with the press cost him office? AAP/Julian Smith

Stop press: how Ted Baillieu’s failure to manage the media helped cost him office

One of the key factors in Ted Baillieu’s losing the support of his parliamentary colleagues on Wednesday night was that he failed to manage the media effectively. Did he? To find the answers, it is necessary…

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