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Tony Abbott has promised not to cut areas such as health, education and payments to the poor and disadvantaged, but a Commission of Audit report traditionally trumps such Liberal National Party promises. AAP

Hidden in plain sight: commission cuts and non-core promises

There has been much, and justified, criticism, of Tony Abbott’s decision to conceal the costings of his policies until two days before the election, when the electronic media blackout will be in place…
Does anyone care that Denis Napthine is Victoria’s new premier? AAP/Julian Smith

Who’s the Premier? Who cares?

Last Thursday, Victorians awoke to the news that they had a new Premier. Ted Baillieu did not survive four days of rolling scandal which began with the release by the Herald Sun of four hours of taped…
Ted Baillieu has gone from premier to backbencher within a week. Did his poor relationship with the press cost him office? AAP/Julian Smith

Stop press: how Ted Baillieu’s failure to manage the media helped cost him office

One of the key factors in Ted Baillieu’s losing the support of his parliamentary colleagues on Wednesday night was that he failed to manage the media effectively. Did he? To find the answers, it is necessary…
Has Ted Baillieu joined Kevin Rudd in the list of Australian political leaders defenestrated by their own side? AAP/Alan Porritt

Loathing democracy: knifing the Australian electorate’s wishes

The current wars being waged in Australian electoral politics tend to be over what rights are left to Australian voters regarding their leaders. The ambush of Kevin Rudd by supporters of the current Prime…
Former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu’s resignation could trigger a constitutional crisis for the state government. Julian Smith/AAP

Baillieu: Victorian uncertainty may lead to constitutional confusion

The dramatic resignation of Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu may have surprised many but cannot be considered altogether unexpected. A year that began poorly for the now ex-Premier yesterday completely overwhelmed…
Former Victoria Police commissioner Simon Overland’s controversial exit from his role has come to haunt the Liberal-led Victorian coalition government in the wake of Ted Baillieu’s resignation as premier. Julian Smith/AAP

Be careful what you wish for - IBAC and the resignation of Ted Baillieu

The surprise at the speed of yesterday’s political events in Victoria, culminating in the Premier’s resignation, was neatly encapsulated by investigative journalist Melissa Fyfe on Twitter: “You go for…
Greens candidate Cathy Oke and deputy leader Adam Bandt will be hoping for a win this Saturday. AAP Image/Juolian Smith

Bronwyn piked on Melbourne, now the Greens are set to swoop

Thanks to the hubris of Bronwyn Pike, the Victorian Labor party is forced to contest a byelection this weekend it did not want or need. After years of opportunities provided by the Labor party to the former…
Now jailed former assistant director of the New South Wales Crime Commission Mark Standen is a key example of how corruption operates in Australia. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Corrupting influences: does Australia need a National Integrity Commissioner?

The Australian Greens have proposed the introduction of a National Integrity Commission to provide an anti-corruption body operating at the federal level. Earlier this week, Greens MP Adam Bandt announced…

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