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The Victorian report recommends the law be changed to allow peers to distribute needles and other clean injecting equipment. Shutterstock

Victorian drug law reform recommendations are welcome – but must include prisoners

Victoria should implement a new report’s recommendation to allow peers to distribute clean injecting equipment, but it needs to go further to ensure safe drug use in prison.
Lucy Haslam and Alex Wodak helped convince the public and politicians that the time for legalised medicinal cannabis had come. AAP/Alan Porritt

Change Agents: Alex Wodak and Lucy Haslam on the push to legalise medicinal cannabis

Change Agents: The push to legalise medicinal cannabis. CC BY-NC-SA46.9 MB (download)
In 2016 three Australian states and the Commonwealth passed laws to legalise the growing of medicinal cannabis. It was an extraordinary result for a campaign that struggled for decades to gain traction.

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