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CEO of CPA Australia, Alex Malley, has come under fire for the amount he’s paid in light of public scrutiny. Alex Porritt/AAP

CPA in crisis: why more associations will have to disclose CEO pay

The amplified public concerns about executive pay that led to the cementing of reporting and disclosure into law, may start trend of voluntary disclosure among professional bodies.
All this cash should soften the landing. Sheba_Also

Finns crestfallen as golden parachute tangles up Nokia

After the revelation that Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, received a bonus of €18.8m following the company’s merger with his former employer Microsoft, executive “golden parachutes” are back on the public…
Does executive pay really have no effect on total shareholder return? shutterstock

Monkeying around on pay and performance - it ain’t about peanuts

The relationship between executive pay and investor return is a provocative topic that always elicits much spirited comment, especially among those who believe the answer is a resounding “no”. Business…
How much should CEOs get paid? Job evaluation systems may provide an answer. AAP

What is work worth? Taking a systematic approach to remuneration

Are CEOs worth their massive remuneration packages, or is there too much cash in the corner office? Executive pay has been in the spotlight in recent weeks amid a lacklustre reporting season for some of…
Blue Scope Steel’s Paul O'Malley has sought to sidestep shareholder anger with his decision to forgo a performance bonus. AAP

Strike two and you’re out… it’s board spilling season

It’s reporting season and the interest in executive pay is heating up again. Alan Joyce is the latest CEO to forgo a bonus, joining a growing number of high profile business leaders including Rio Tinto’s…
Stuck in Botany Bay: Greenpeace activists celebrate the Danish government’s decision to halt Orica’s plans to ship toxic waste to Denmark. AAP

Beyond the bottom line: how to reward executives for sustainable practice

Are sustainability-dependent executive bonuses the answer to saving the planet? Research recently conducted by the Centre for Corporate Governance at the University of Technology, Sydney, examined whether…

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