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Despite the dominance of Coles and Woolworths, consumers are still choosing to buy their fresh food at local fruit and vegetable shops and farmers’ markets. Sarah Joy/Flickr

All out of fresh ideas: how supermarket giants send mixed messages about food

Coles and Woolworths’ representation of “fresh” and “local” food reflects heightened interest among consumers about these values. But they also contributes to concerns about the supply chain.
Fast food philanthropy helps food marketers build a halo around their brand. Image sourced from

How fast food is reinventing itself as healthy and caring

Corporate philanthropy is not simply altruism by another name - it’s being used by fast food giants to boost the bottom line.
People queue outside the first KFC restaurant in Yangon, Myanmar, which opened last month. Nyein Chan Naing/EPA/AAP

How marketers condition us to buy more junk food

By bidding the price of unhealthy food down, fast food marketers are normalising everyday consumption.

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