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Anastasia Parshkova holds a poster reading ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ outside Christ the Saviour Cathedral, in Moscow, on March 15, 2022. She was later arrested. (Feminist Anti-War Resistance)

Russia’s feminists are protesting the war and its propaganda with stickers, posters, performance and graffiti

Writing graffiti on bank notes, postering cities and crying on public transit are some ways members of the Feminist Anti-War Resistance in Russia are speaking against propaganda.
A trans Pride flag crosswalk in Calgary was defaced in August 2019 with a violent message, which was later covered with fresh paint and positive messages were left written with chalk. Anti-trans activism from feminists remains a challenge for transgender people. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley

Why the words we use matter when describing anti-trans activists

TERF is not a slur. Instead, we should use words that accurately describe how some feminists are actually anti-trans activists.
Students perform a re-enactment of the 1989 killing of six Jesuits, including Ignacio Martin-Baro, during the Salvadorian civil war. Oscar Rivera/EPA

Liberation psychology: why an idea from the Salvadorean struggle is relevant today

Social psychologist Ignacio Martín-Baró’s work reminds us of the urgency to bring all psychology into the orbit of liberation. Doing so allows a necessarily ambitious conception of liberation.
From the initial avalanche of mail triggered by Germaine Greer’s book The Female Eunuch grew a collection of 50 years of letters, emails, faxes, telegrams and newsletters. Marcella Cheng/The Conversation NY-BD-CC

Essays On Air: Reading Germaine Greer’s mail

Essays On Air: Reading Germaine Greer’s mail The Conversation24.4 MB (download)
The Germaine Greer Archive offers a powerful, often amusing, sometimes perplexing glimpse into the lives of people affected by her work, as well as the many faces of Greer herself.

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