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Suffering from hysteria and unfeminine behaviour? A clitoridectomy is what you need. Wonderferret

The rise and fall of FGM in Victorian London

Isaac Baker Brown promoted FGM in Victorian London as a treatment for hysteria, mental illness and unfeminine behaviour.
His rights as much as hers. Elvert Barnes

Like FGM, cut foreskins should be a feminist issue

Making a comparison between male and female genital cutting is usually dismissed or condemned. When, for example, the Council of Europe recently passed a motion declaring both female genital cutting (FGC…
Female genital mutilation is happening in the UK. London Safeguarding Children Board

UK letting down victims of female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is happening across the UK but despite being illegal for nearly 30 years, there have been no convictions. Fortunately, politicians are beginning to pick up on the issue…

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