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The bamboo coral Isidella displaying bioluminescence in the Caribbean in 2009. Sönke Johnsen

From glowing corals to vomiting shrimp, animals have used bioluminescence to communicate for millions of years – here’s what scientists still don’t know about it

Dozens of animals, some on land but many in the ocean, can produce light within their bodies through chemical reactions. Scientists are still trying to understand when and why this trait developed.
Two men watch Ebrahim Raisi, the conservative frontrunner in Iran’s elections, in a televised presidential debate. Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA

Why so many Iranians plan not to vote this month – podcast

Plus, why fireflies need dark nights and what you can do about it. Listen to episode 19 of The Conversation Weekly.
Visitors walk through Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s installation ‘Fireflies on the Water.’ maurizio mucciola/flickr

In dandelions and fireflies, artists try to make sense of climate change

Images of wildfires are powerful, but can make climate catastrophe seem like something spectacular and distant. So some artists are focusing on the plants and bugs in our immediate surroundings.

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