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The jelly-like tissue that is the brain is the most complicated object in the known universe. Dr Case/Flickr

Understanding the brain and mind: science’s final frontier?

The brain and the mind are two sides of the same coin. We have always wanted to understand how our minds work but, until recently, lacked the tools to investigate the brain. The jelly-like tissue that…
The future of a sustainable humanity starts and ends with good food and nutrition. Paula Bailey

Food lies at the core of a healthy, sustainable society

The fundamental role of food is to provide nutrition for the body but it is much more than that. Food lies at the heart of our health and the health of our environment. Food affects international relations…
Almost all diseases (as well as social outcomes) show a strong relationship with socioeconomic measures. Shutterstock

Let’s treat the social causes of illness rather than just disease

Fiona Stanley is the director of this year’s Melbourne Festival of Ideas: The Art and Science of Wellbeing, which opens today and continues until October 6, 2013. Here she explains the ethos of the Festival’s…

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