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Have cheating and plagiarism increased in universities as a symptom of more international students or just of more students? Shutterstock

Biased reports on international students not helpful

While Four Corners shed some much-needed light on long-standing problems in higher education, these problems aren't reserved for international students.
The National Civic Council, a Christian lobby group, orchestrated a massive email campaign before the spill motion to pressure MPs to support Tony Abbott’s leadership. AAP/Jane Dempster

Cabinet committee favoured foreign construction of subs: Four Corners

Cabinet's national security committee last October favoured Australia's new submarine fleet being mostly constructed overseas with the ASC having only limited work.
Proposed laws requiring covert footage of animal cruelty to be handed promptly to authorities would make in-depth investigations much harder. Animals Australia

Australia’s new bill to protect animals will do anything but

Proposed laws requiring immediate reporting of animal cruelty sound like a good idea. But in practice they will make it harder to mount comprehensive investigations like the ABC's greyhound expose.
The transfer of asylum seekers to detention centres in Papua New Guinea is a clear violation of Australia’s international law obligations. AAP/Eoin Blackwell

Asylum seekers: we can’t ignore our international law obligations

This week’s Four Corners investigation on the circumstances surrounding the death of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati at the Manus Island detention centre in February was uncomfortable viewing. The ABC…
The demand for organs is growing but supply is not, so many people who need transplants die waiting. North Dakota National Guard

Black-market lottery: organ donation and the international transplant trade

Estimates suggest more than two million people worldwide would benefit from an organ transplant. While the donation rates vary greatly between countries, the contrast between the increasing numbers of…
The ABC’s Four Corners program investigated the people smugglers allegedly behind this asylum seeker boat, which sank off the coast of Java in September this year. AAP

Four Corners: human smuggling and the spectacle of suffering

Last night, the ABC’s Four Corners program fed us with yet another 50 minutes worth of emotional, heartbreaking and harrowing testimonies of traumatised survivors of yet another human smuggling tragedy…
Our health system is geared towards saving lives – even when the person being revived might not want to live. Julie Kertesz

How the care conveyor belt tortures people back to life

ABC’s Four Corners tonight is about a young man who has decided to end his life after 36 years of suffering a debilitating illness. But because euthanasia is illegal in Australia, he has to apply to another…
Cameras were secretly taken in to detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru by the ABC to film the living conditions there. ABCTV

What if it was our kids? Four Corners and asylum seekers

The federal government does not say how it chooses those it sends for offshore processing. It does not explain how it chooses children to go to Manus Island. Australian doctors have told the Department…
Public housing never used to be the centre of disadvantage. What changed? Dean Lewins

Growing up poor in Australia: what has happened to public housing?

A good job, like where you get like heaps of money. I’d be like a decent mum, like a husband with no violence and everything, so it could be a happy family, you know, but like that would never happen…
The Autism Enigma presents one of many theories about the causes of autism. hepingting/Flickr

Can a gut bacteria imbalance really cause autism?

ABC’s Four Corners recently aired a controversial documentary (The Autism Enigma) on how gut bacteria might affect autism. Here we review some of the science surrounding what it suggested caused autism…
The Autism Enigma aired on ABC’s Four Corners’s on Monday August 27, 2012. ABC TV

ABC’s Four Corners and the messy truth of autism

Autism is a “messy” truth. It doesn’t have the high blood sugar of diabetes, the uncontrolled cell division of cancer, nor the clear brain degeneration of Alzheimer’s disease. Autism is a condition (or…

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