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The components of an iPhone add up to a different cost than the phone itself. Poravute Siriphiroon/

The guts of an Apple iPhone show exactly what Trump gets wrong about trade

Trump believes the money Americans spend on Chinese imports like the iPhone goes straight into China’s pockets. In reality, China gets very little value from it.
Apple’s wealth is built on a vast and hugely profitable supply chain that relies on low-cost production in Asia. Ym Yik/EPA/AAP

Apple, the $1 trillion company searching for its soul

The company’s value exceeds the GDP of many countries, but Apple has human rights, ethical and environmental problems to match in its vast supply chain.
Apple chief Tim Cook has dismissed ‘Haunted Empire’ as “nonsense”. Mike Deerkoski/Flickr

Channelling Steve Jobs in Apple’s ‘Haunted Empire’

The American reviews of Yukari Iwatani Kane’s book Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs have not been kind. Having covered Apple for three years as a journalist at the Wall Street Journal, Kane would…
Nothing says “I care” like a cut-price phone charger. 8+1

Apple shows its soft side with safe charger drive

Apple, known across the world for its premium products, is finally dropping its prices. It may not be a huge offer, but the company is selling half price chargers for iPhones, iPads and iPods to anyone…
Foxconn will hold its first-ever democratic labour union election but freedom of association in China remains limited. AAP Pictures

Foxconn’s labour union elections put Chinese workers’ rights under the spotlight

Apple’s China-based contractor, Foxconn, is following a trend of increasing unionisation at transnational corporations in China by holding its first-ever democratic labour union elections. As reported…

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