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If plants can pick fungi to help fight pests and diseases, it opens a door to greener farming and ecosystem recovery

Despite its 500-million-year history, the plant-fungi alliance holds mysteries that, once unravelled, could revolutionise agriculture and ecosystem management.
The microbiome functions as an ‘invisible organ’ but it often makes its presence known by emitting sounds and smells. (Shutterstock)

The nose knows: How microbiomes and the smells they produce help shape behaviour in bugs, birds, beasts and humans

The microbiome and its signature smells are crucial for most organisms, whether human, insect or plant. The silent signals sent by the microbiome are essential communications that influence behaviour.
Mycorrhizal fungi growing with a plant root Dr Yoshihiro Kobae

Hidden carbon: Fungi and their ‘necromass’ absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year

New research about underground fungal filaments suggests these networks store a vast amount of carbon. All the more reason to preserve them.

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