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Savannasaurus was pretty small, by titanosaur standards. Travis Tischler/Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History

Meet Savannasaurus, Australia’s newest titanosaur

Dinosaur bones unearthed at one of Australia’s richest fossil sites have introduced us to a new species: Savannasaurus, one of a family of huge dinosaurs that trekked here more than 100 million years ago.
Artistic reconstruction of two Tiarajudens males during combat in the Permian of southern Brazil. Supplied

Ancient plant eating cousins from Brazil and South Africa are reunited

New evidence shows marked similarities between two fossils – one from Brazil, the other South Africa. This confirms compelling geological findings that continents were once one giant land mass.
It’s time to let go of our old identity. Matthew McVickar

Australia: moving on up from down under

WHAT IS AUSTRALIA FOR? Australia is no longer small, remote or isolated. It’s time to ask What Is Australia For?, and to acknowledge the wealth of resources we have beyond mining. Currently The Conversation…

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