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John Busst ‘s self portrait, painted on Bedarra island. Photo: Liz Gallie. Portrait and photo gifted by Margaret Thorsbourne AO to Friends of Ninney Rise, Bingil Bay.

Bohemian, artist, conservationist: breathing humanity into the man who fought to protect Queensland’s rainforest and reef

Born into a wealthy family, John Büsst left Melbourne for north Queensland where he campaigned against planned oil and gas exploration of the reef in the 1960s. His story was little known, until now.
Blue Lagoon at Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group) where the first pieces of pottery were found. Sean Ulm

Aboriginal people made pottery and sailed to distant offshore islands thousands of years before Europeans arrived

Pottery made more than 1800 years ago by Aboriginal communities on Jiigurru in the Lizard Island group in the Great Barrier Reef is the oldest ever found in Australia.

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