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Keagan Henman/Unsplash

Early intervention for psychosis might cost more initially but delivers a greater return on investment

Early intervention programs for young people with psychosis might cost more initially, and require more intensive support for longer periods, but they’re worth the investment.
Magical movements (trul khor) Lukhang mural detail, Tibet, 17th century. © Thomas Laird

The Dalai Lama’s secret temple goes to London

The Wellcome’s show looks into complexity of the ideas behind the do-it-yourself of the mindfulness movement.
Mental health problems are common in young people but very few seek professional help. Alain Wibert/Flickr

Is ‘headspace’ really improving young people’s mental health?

The number of youth mental health centres known as headspace has rapidly expanded in the last decade. But we have yet to see evaluation of whether the services improve young people’s mental health.
Additional expenditure, such as that on youth mental health, is arguably not in areas where need is greatest. JLM photgraphy/Flickr

Government shows muddled mental health priorities

Despite widespread analysis of the federal budget, measures affecting mental health services have received little attention. But, like other aspects of the budget, there’s serious concern about the lack…

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