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Am I worth £200,000 a year? David Davies/PA Wire

How much is too much to pay headteachers?

The huge salaries of school “super-heads” and some university vice-chancellors has once again come under fire, this time by MPs on the Public Accounts Committee. UK headteachers are among the highest paid…
Cream of the crop. Pay slip via ShaunWilkinson/Shutterstock

Hard Evidence: are UK headteachers the highest paid?

While teaching unions continue their campaign for higher pay for teachers, there is less clamour for headteachers to earn better salaries. With reports that 40 headteachers are paid more than the prime…
Teaching should keep on giving. clevercupcakes

Carter review of teacher training needs wider scope

As debates rage about the best way to organise teacher training and whether teachers should be qualified at all, the findings of the ongoing Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training will be closely scrutinised…
Pay reforms have had teachers on the streets. Chris Radburn/PA Archive

Teachers remain divided on performance-related pay

A new survey has found teachers remain divided over proposals to link their pay increases to the performance of pupils in their class. A small majority – 53% of 1,163 primary and secondary school teachers…
Most heads could do with some super powers. Ben Northern

Giving super powers to school super-heads is not a panacea

Ten years ago, if a school in England was deemed to be failing, there were three broad responses: send in a team of advisors to support the existing leadership, parachute in a “super-head” to turn the…
One pupil posted online that a teacher’s skin was ‘covered in potholes’. Dave Thompson/PA

Cyberbullying by parents and pupils takes toll on teachers

A new survey by the teachers union NASUWT has provided further evidence to confirm that teachers too, as well as pupils, can be targets of online bullying. In the research, just more than a fifth of the…

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