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Legendary New York City columnist Jimmy Breslin, right, ready to do shoe-leather journalistic research in a bar, said preelection polls were “monstrous frauds.” Michael Brennan/Getty Images

When noted journalists bashed political polls as nothing more than ‘a fragmentary snapshot’ of a moment in time

There was a time when well-known journalists resented preelection polls and didn’t mind saying so. One even said he felt “secret glee and relief when the polls go wrong.” Why did they feel this way?
Arianna Huffington says HuffPo Australia will be “telling stories that focus on helping Australians live more fulfilling lives”. Ruben Sprich/Reuters

Huffington Post success will rely on fresh voices

In other markets the Huffington Post doesn’t just rely on the usual suspects to write, and it’s this that will make or break it in Australia.
Arianna Huffington’s Huffington Post is influential in the United States, but has it left its Australian launch too late? Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Huffington Post is coming – but will Australians care?

Huffington Post Australia launches this week - but has it left its run too late?
Fairfax sees Huffington Post’s left-leaning, populist approach as a good fit.

HuffPo meets Fairfax and you won’t believe what happens next

This week’s announcement that Fairfax had acquired a 49% partnership stake in Huffington Post Australia means yet another new entrant into the Australian online media landscape. An Australian edition of…
Civil unrest: anonymous comments are being banned from some popular websites - but does it chase away the trolls? Shutterstock

Using real names is just one way of cleaning up online comments

Every day, millions of internet users leave comments on web sites and on social networks covering any topic imaginable. At its very best, commenting fosters a social community of people sharing an interest…

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