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Donald Trump raises his fist after being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Carlos Barria/Reuters

What does the world expect of a Trump presidency?

The world is on edge as Donald Trump enters the White House.
President Obama has skilfully identified immigration as an issue that Republicans will struggle with. Shutterstock

Obama tightens the immigration knot on Republicans

For an American president, the first inaugural address sets the stage for the four years to follow. The second inaugural address, on the other hand, focuses on a much longer legacy. Barack Obama’s speech…
While Obama may have given little up-front attention to climate change, he’s assembled a top-notch team behind the scenes. EPA/Mark Wilson

Inauguration speech a real source of climate change hope

President Obama’s inauguration speech this week presented a source of real hope for all those concerned about global climate change. With eight sentences, he devoted more of his address to this “wicked…
Obama wove the story of gay rights into the language of America’s founding fathers during his inauguration speech. EPA/Shawn Thew

Obama inauguration speech: a historic moment for gay and lesbian equality

Much has been made of the fact President Obama became the first president to mention the word gay in an inaugural address. But the significance lies not in what he said but how he said it. In declaring…
President Obama delivered an ambitious inaugural address, but will struggle to get many of his progressive measures through a hostile Congress. EPA/Chip Somodevilla

Obama defends progressive vision in inauguration address

US President Barack Obama’s first inaugural address was largely forgettable. Recognising the large divide between the soaring optimism of his campaign rhetoric and the realities of an economy in the midst…

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