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Former Prisoner star Maggie Kirkpatrick was found guilty of a charge of child sex abuse dating back to the 1980s. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Why does it take victims of child sex abuse so long to speak up?

Many factors are at play in enabling or constraining a child to speak directly about abuse and bringing that complaint to the attention of the authorities.
Rotherham Council chief executive Martin Kimber presents a review into abuse in his area. Dave Higgens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Complicity and conspiracy in Rotherham should teach us how to handle future cases

The confirmation that 1,400 children were subjected to sexual exploitation over a 16 year period in Rotherham forms part of a wider picture of similar events. The Catholic Church has still not worked out…
There’s more to fighting sexual abuse than prisons. shutterstock

Preventing sexual abuse is a public health issue

We are in a time when the focus on allegations of sexual abuse is intense. Accurate and comprehensive statistics on the prevalence of sexual abuse remain elusive, but the figures that do exist indicate…
The court of public opinion: Jimmy Savile’s house, defaced after his crimes were exposed. PA

Notes on a scandal: the Jimmy Savile case is all too familiar

For all its extraordinary impact, the Jimmy Savile scandal has not unfolded in an exceptional way. The media and justice systems’ treatment of the affair is only the latest example of a relatively new…

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