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A former child soldier following his rescue from the LRA. Inmediahk

Joseph Kony peace talks may be just another tactic

The government of the Central African Republic claims to be in talks with one of the world’s most enigmatic African guerrilla leaders, Joseph Kony. But Kony has entered talks before with no intention of…
A recent social media campaign for gay marriage has been criticised as ‘slacktivism’ and spawned a number of spin-offs. Amanda B/Know Your Meme

‘Slacktivism’ vs ‘snarktivism’: how do you take your online activism?

Debate over the value of online activism has risen again in the wake of the highly visible Human Rights Campaign marriage equality campaign, which urged Facebook users to replace their profile photographs…
A US$5 million bounty has been offered for information leading to Joseph Kony (right)‘s arrest, but the African Union has stopped looking for him. EPA/STR

The hunt may be off, but a $5 million pledge might bring Kony to justice

Earlier this week, the new US Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced a US$5 million reward for information leading to the arrest, transfer and conviction of notorious African warlord Joseph Kony. On…
Kony 2012’s “Cover the Night” Flickr/Susrutac

Cover the Night and the missed opportunities of Kony 2012

The latest instalment of the saga of the Kony 2012 movement, “Cover the Night”, launches this evening. Comedian Aamer Rahman summed up the rise and implosion of the Kony2012 campaign when he said people…
The Kony campaign is not as accessible as it makes out. BellaSalsaa

Kony 2012 and the case of the invisible media

Much has been said about Invisible Children’s video campaign to rally awareness towards the atrocities of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. But more important is what Kony 2012 means in our ongoing relationship…
Kony2012 seemed to be everywhere, but attention has now turned to the makers of the video. Reyhan Dhuny

Viral video, gone bad: Kony 2012 and the perils of social media

There have been enough social media disasters of late to make one thing clear: manipulating sentiment through social networks is next to impossible. The McDonald’s #McDStories campaign in January was supposed…

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