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The earthquake at l'Aquila was a tragedy, but blaming experts and governments doesn’t help. EPA/Grillo

Blame game the enemy of good policy when disaster strikes

The decision of an Italian Court to convict six scientists and one government official of manslaughter for the failure to predict the magnitude of a devastating earthquake in L’Aquila in central Italy…
The public should be made aware of all possible scenarios within an earthquake sequence. Ettore Ferrari/EPA

L’Aquila charges leave earthquake scientists on shaky ground

You’ll know by now that six scientists and a government official have been found guilty of manslaughter (as reported yesterday) and sentenced to six years in prison for how they assessed and communicated…
An Italian court has found scientists directly responsible for 29 of the 309 deaths from the 2009 earthquake. EPA/Roberto Grillo

Scientists found guilty for L'Aquila earthquake deaths … but why?

Six Italian scientists and one governmental official were found guilty of manslaughter on Monday for underestimating the risk of a deadly 2009 earthquake. The quake struck the medieval Italian town of…

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