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The Wall of Wind can create Category 5 hurricane winds for testing life-size structures. Margi Rentis/Florida International University

The Wall of Wind can blow away buildings at Category 5 hurricane strength to help engineers design safer homes – but even that isn’t powerful enough

The test facility in Miami helps building designers prevent future storm damage. With the warming climate intensifying hurricanes, engineers are planning a new one with 200 mph winds and storm surge.
Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Governments love to talk about ‘shared responsibility’ in a disaster – but does anyone know what it means?

There is a huge amount of legislation talking about ‘shared responsibility’ but it isn’t clear what this means or who needs to do what and when.
The Koori Mail General Manager Naomi Moran gives an interview the day after floodwaters inundated the town of Lismore, while boats and helicopters were still rescuing people from rooftops.

Natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the crucial role of First Nations media

First Nations media organisations play a crucial role in emergency situations. However
Flooding is an ongoing problem for NSW residents. Here Cabbage Tree residents prepare to evacuate their home during flooding in 2017. Tracey Nearmy/AAP Image

Like many disasters in Australia, Aboriginal people are over-represented and under-resourced in the NSW floods

Australia’s east coast flooding is forcing people to confront challenges such as evacuations and loss of property. However, Aboriginal people are being left to find their own way through this crisis.

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