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The graves of victims who died from cholera in Chingwele Cemetery in Lusaka. Zambia is one of the countries at the epicentre of a devastating outbreak in southern Africa. Luke Dray/Getty Images.

What’s behind the worldwide shortage of cholera vaccines? For starters, they’re only made by one company

The world’s stockpile of cholera vaccines has run dry, bad news for cholera-ravaged southern Africa. Why is this and what is being done to address vaccine shortages in Africa?

In the future, we could snuff out cyclones. But weather control comes with new risks

It may soon be possible to reduce cyclone formation and intensity by spraying particles into the atmosphere above a forming storm. But the technology opens up a can of worms
The fishing village of Mahebourg, Mauritius, is among the places in the path of cyclone Freddy. Laura Morosoli/AFP via Getty Images

Cyclones in southern Africa: five essential reads

Tropical cyclones are becoming more frequent in the Indian Ocean. Here’s why and what that means.

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