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Articles on Margaret Thatcher

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill are immortalised as political heroes, but both had personal issues that might have proved politically fatal today. AAP/Diana Plater

Why politics today can’t give us the heroes we need

Every culture needs heroes. So when our political system becomes incapable of giving us any, where does that leave us?
The ‘Selsdon man’ only managed to win one election. PA Archive/PA Images

So, who was Ted Heath?

As British prime minister from 1970 to 1974, Heath took the UK into Europe.
Comfortable? Sang Tan / AP/Press Association Images

Bad news week for BBC as Murdoch press sharpens claws

It’s to be yet another week of crisis, inspection and introspection for the forever under pressure BBC as the government is set to publish a green paper on Thursday, which will, the Guardian says, signal…

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