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Despite its appeal to working-class viewers, the concept of the celebrity chef is built on inequality. AAP/Network Seven

You can’t eat with us! When the working class meet high-end cooking shows

Cooking shows like Zumbo’s Just Desserts tout their self-taught, working-class contestants. But most of their audience is more likely to be cleaning the set than blast-chilling a croquembouche.
After recent lacklustre ratings MasterChef is back with a bang – so what’s the secret? MasterChef/Network Ten

What MasterChef teaches us about food and the food industry

While MasterChef might teach us a lot about food and food trends, it also glosses over some of the harsher realities of the industry that produces this food. What’s the secret to its sudden ratings boost?
The highly edited segments position the advice and decisions of the judges – including Matt Preston, right – as beyond reproach. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Cooking with passion: why audiences still love MasterChef

As MasterChef fans count down to tomorrow night’s season five finale, advertisers will be crossing their fingers that ratings will match last year’s top-ranking-program status. With a season six on the…

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