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Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer in Gaslight (1944), the film that inspired the now widely used term. Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

Explainer: what does ‘gaslighting’ mean?

The term ‘gaslighting’ is now liberally used but what does it mean and where did it come from?
What does it mean when public figures say sorry? AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The art of the public apology

Public apologies are a type of performance before a larger audience, and they are to be understood in terms that are different from a private apology.
In the late ‘90s, Monica Lewinsky became part of US political lore and pop culture, inspiring this Los Angeles mural. So what can she add to her story now? Hector Ponce 1999/Flickr

Lewinsky, Clinton and ‘Zippergate’ redux 2014

It’s scarcely a surprise that, a decade on, we’re still interested in hearing from a president’s mistress. It’s even less surprising that, a decade on, that mistress still wants to talk. The whys of our…

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