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Research reveals links between the irritability, explosive rage and unstable moods that have grown more common in recent years, and a lack of micronutrients that are important for brain function. (Shutterstock)

Junk food and the brain: How modern diets lacking in micronutrients may contribute to angry rhetoric

Ultra-processed foods high in sugar, fat and empty carbs are bad for the mind as well as the body. Lack of micronutrients affects brain function and influences mood and mental health symptoms.
Trolling is no longer confined to the darker corners of the internet, especially now the U.S. president himself is engaging in it. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Trolling ourselves to death in the age of Trump

We’re living in an alternate political universe of brazen lies and grotesque online spectacles of incivility. Who - or what - is to blame for trolling going mainstream?
We can’t hope to ensure basic human rights until we learn to respect our differences and welcome diversity in society. Image from

Watch your manners: why living racism-free is a basic human right

When considering contemporary human rights issues in Australia – our denial of refugee rights, the disproportionate number of Indigenous children in juvenile detention and racial vilification on public…

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