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Taking the curriculum “back to basics” will disadvantage kids who perhaps don’t have access to cultural and other knowledge at home. AAP/Tim Dornin

We lose more than we gain by paring back the curriculum

We run a significant risk that the divide between the haves and have-nots will widen even further through the “back to basics” curriculum approach advocated by Education Minister Pyne.
Pyne will ask the states to implement various aspects of the Curriculum Review, probably including the narrowing of content. This is easier said than done. AAP

Paring back the curriculum would be a difficult and unnecessary task

This week the ministers of education for the states and territories will consider recommendations from federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne to revise the Australian curriculum. These recommendations…
A separate curriculum for students with disability would be discriminatory and go against the research. Shutterstock

Separate curriculum for students with disability no good for anyone

The review of the Australian curriculum raises major concerns about access to a quality curriculum for students with disability. Under the guise of creating greater inclusivity, the review recommends a…
The big issue here is what is deemed more important: the right to know or the right to privacy? Flickr/Newtown Graffiti

Spurr vs New Matilda case pits privacy against public interest

Don’t be distracted by theatrics about political correctness, the boundaries of bad humour and professorial impropriety. The real excitement in the “Spurr Affair” has been occurring in the Federal Court…
Let’s not focus on what the kids aren’t learning, let’s look at what they are learning, and work from there. AAP

What sort of people do we want young Australians to be?

Among the many recommendations of the Review of the Australian Curriculum is the view that the curriculum should place “more emphasis on morals, values and spirituality”. This is a significant outcome…
The history curriculum review was supposed to be free from bias, but unfortunately that’s not the case. AAP

Pyne curriculum review prefers analysis-free myth to history

Education Minister Christopher Pyne launched his review of the Australian Curriculum last week and, as expected, the recommendations for the teaching of history left a lot to be desired. Stuck in its “Judeo-Christian…
The curriculum review called for more “Western literature”. Given the curriculum is mostly Western literature already, perhaps we can take that to mean “more Bible”. Flickr/Ruth_W

Hooked on the classics: literature in the English curriculum

The National Curriculum Review was released this week, with the reviewers calling for a greater focus on “Western” literature in the English classroom. As former high school and primary English teachers…
The current curriculum includes life skills that are taught across all subjects, but the review wants them only taught when “necessary”. Shutterstock

There’s more to education than spelling and numbers

Headlines in newspapers on Monday morning said much of the curriculum review has been welcomed across Australia. The removal of the four “general capabilities” from the curriculum is a travesty many are…
The National Curriculum Review prompts more questions than answers and leaves educators unsure of the future. AAP

Curriculum review filled with contradictions

A close reading of Dr Kevin Donnelly and Professor Ken Wiltshire’s review of the Australian Curriculum reveals contradictory messages regarding the future curriculum for primary and secondary schools…
The reviewers say the Australian Curriculum doesn’t have enough emphasis on our Judeo-Christian heritage and Western influence. What do the experts say? AAP

National curriculum review: experts respond

The much awaited review of the National Curriculum has finally been released with the reviewers calling for more of a focus on Western literature, and recognition of Australia’s “Judeo-Christian” heritage…
The best of our society’s thoughts and ideas should be compulsory learning for all students. AAP

A common curriculum means all students share common values

Should all schools, whether government, Catholic or independent, be forced to follow a centrally designed and monitored curriculum? And should this central curriculum be imposed upon schools regardless…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s radical changes to the education sector have been wildly unpopular, perhaps because he has no evidence to defend their worth. AAP

A year in, Pyne’s radical education changes have ignored evidence

Education Minister Christopher Pyne was appointed at a time of innovation, contention and uncertainty at all levels of schooling and higher education. One year in, his distinctive agenda is becoming clearer…
Teachers and curriculum officials have complained about the way the coalition government has tried to frame the teaching of history. AAP

Evidence-free beliefs: history in the hands of the Coalition

Back in January, Education Minister Christopher Pyne set up a contentious review of the national curriculum, to be led by two controversial appointees, ACU’s Kevin Donnelly and business academic Ken Wiltshire…
There are areas in which our schools need reform, a national curriculum isn’t one of them.

Three things our nation’s schools need (none is a national curriculum)

On January 10 most electors were still brushing sand from their toes and basking in the afterglow of the Ashes victory. It was on that day that the federal Minister for Education Christopher Pyne announced…

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