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The proposed National Health Insurance has raised questions about the government’s ability to manage a complex health system Shutterstock

South African taxpayers will bear the brunt of National Health Insurance

The South African government is going ahead with the National Health Insurance scheme but has yet to detail how it is to be funded. What seems certain is that taxpayers will foot the bill.
Our rapidly aging society will place even greater pressure on the already expensive and mediocre Canadian health-care system. (Shutterstock)

How healthy is the Canadian health-care system?

Bold leadership is needed to adapt Canada’s expensive and mediocre health-care system for an aging population struggling with chronic disease.
South Africa’s National Health Insurance aims to ensure universal access to health care – one of the most persistent structural inequalities. Shutterstock

South Africa can’t lose its nerve on universal health care

The South African government’s plan to provide universal access to health care seems to be slipping off its priority list.

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