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Paying to watch broadcasts from the Olympics games in Rio this year is a new venture for the Seven Network. Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

Seven’s Olympic coverage could change the way we watch sport on our screens

The Seven Network’s decision to offer an additional subscription service for its coverage of the Rio Olympics makes it the first free-to-air broadcaster in Australia to charge for broadcasting sport.
Foxtel will compete directly with half owner Telstra when it begins offering telephone and broadband internet services in the next twelve months. Flickr/Bell

Pay TV triple play pits Foxtel in three-legged race with Telstra

Monday’s announcement by Foxtel that it will launch broadband internet and fixed line telephony services bundled with its pay tv services comes as no surprise. The deal, known as a Triple Play, will see…
Popularity of digital video streaming services such as Netflix suggest that the future of TV may well be online. Image from

Netflix: a house of cards or the new HBO?

In arguably the TV event of 2013 so far, House of Cards – a $100 million, 13-episode TV series starring Kevin Spacey, directed by David Fincher, and commissioned by Netflix, premiered exclusively online…

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