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Articles on People trafficking

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Australia can break the people smugglers’ business model by changing its ‘prohibition regime’ policy approach. AAP

Can we break the people smugglers’ business model?

As prime minister Kevin Rudd prepares to visit Indonesia and meet with his Indonesian counterpart Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, he should bear in mind that the asylum seeker problem plaguing the Australian…
Forced labour includes cases where people are told they must work for free to repay ‘debts’. Anti-Slavery Australia

New laws clamp down on forced labour and forced marriage

New legal amendments passed by the Australian parliament today will make forced marriages a criminal offence and make it easier for victims in slavery, forced labour and forced marriage trials to be compensated…
Children rescued from child sex trafficking in Thailand in 2011. AAP/The Grey Man

Fighting child sexual exploitation overseas and at home

Alarm was raised this week when it emerged that Bernard McGrath, a former Catholic brother sought in Australia over 252 child sex charges, was able to leave New Zealand for Sri Lanka ahead of an extradition…
Laws designed to protect domestic workers could also help those trafficked from other countries. Flickr/Kara Allyson

How a simple signature can help stop people trafficking and worker abuse

Domestic workers now have greater protection from exploitative employers. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has adopted a convention which regulates working hours and prevents violence in the…

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