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At a depth of more than 60 metres, the gorgonians are healthy, colourful and in good condition, protected from the rise in temperature. Alexis Rosenfeld/Unesco

The deep Mediterraneen: a temporary refuge for gorgonian coral forests facing marine heat waves

In the Mediterranean, heat waves are decimating underwater forests that are essential to ecosystems. The gorgonians seem to be better able to resist in the depths, but this refuge may only be temporary.
The pilot of a Greek fighter jet F-16 Viper checks the aircraft before the takeoff at Tanagra north of Athens, Greece in September 2022. Greece has bolstered its air force amid increasing tensions with neighbouring Turkey. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

Could tensions between Greece and Turkey lead to a second European war?

Tensions between Greece and Turkey are nothing new, but the future cannot be built on the grievances of the past. For greater regional stability, both countries must de-escalate.
In August 2019 in the port of Marseille. The docking of cruise ships intensifies air pollution. Christophe Simon/AFP

Is the Mediterranean Basin really a hotspot of environmental change?

The Mediterranean region, with its biodiversity, climate, demographics, and economic activities such as tourism, agriculture and fisheries, is particularly vulnerable to environmental risks.

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