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Large scar after surgery on the abdomen young woman. OneSideProFoto/

Why older skin heals with less scarring

When kids get injured their skin heals fast, but usually with nasty-looking scars. Now scientists studying the genes of old mice have figured out how they regenerate skin and block scars.
The film Wonder tells the story of a boy with severe facial defects. IMDb/Lionsgate, Mandeville Films, Participant Media, Walden Media

Children with facial difference have a lot to teach us about body image

People with facial difference often develop strategies for smoothing over social awkwardness, such as ways of introducing the issue into conversation early or using humour to deflect attention.
The liquid filler can be injected directly under the skin. Science/AAAS

Plastic surgery implant firms when exposed to light

Scientists have invented a new pliable implant that can be injected in liquid form, massaged into shape and hardened up through exposure to light. Fillers are used to make patients look younger, reconstruct…

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