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Codeine-containing painkillers may soon no longer be available over the counter in Australian pharmacies. Philippa Willitts/Flickr

Why making codeine products prescription-only is a good idea

Australia’s drug regulator is looking into reclassifying codeine-based drugs as prescription-only. This is a good idea because the easy availability of these pinkillers is causing substantial harm.
Government attention is diverted away from the problem during the regulatory reform process. Kristina Alexanderson

Preventing weight gain: the dilemma of effective regulation

OBESE NATION: It’s time to admit it - Australia is becoming an obese nation. This series looks at how this has happened and more importantly, what we can do to stop the obesity epidemic. Today, we look…
The TGA investigates just over half of all safety complaints it receives about medical devices. Flickr/johanlb

Medical watchdog turns its back on implant safety complaints

The recent recalls of metal-on-metal hip replacements and PIP breast implants highlight the potential for widely used medical implants and devices to cause serious harm, despite having passed all the required…
Plain packaging is one of many health reforms to enter or pass through parliament last week. AAP

Plain packaging wraps up a big year for health legislation in 2011

The final sitting of federal parliament last week lacked no drama, ending with the sudden induction of Peter Slipper as speaker. It was also a mammoth week for health legislation, with the passing of the…
Four year-old Ayen Chol died after being attacked by a neighbour’s pit bull cross (AFP PHOTO/William WEST)

Breed blame-game: banning Pit Bulls won’t work

The recent death of four year-old, Ayen Chol from a pit bull attack has again prompted calls to ban the breed. But instead of focusing on a particular breed, or responding to single events as they occur…
Federal governments should fund pharmaceutical research and development. AAP

Patent controversy: it’s time Big Pharma took its medicine

Over the last couple of decades, the pharmaceutical industry has come under attack for its perceived shortcomings amid claims that it’s greedy, profiteering nature has caused significant harm. However…
Lack of discussion of alcohol’s harm to others contributes to how little it is regulated. AAP

Breaking the booze cycle: why we need higher alcohol taxes

A coalition of representatives from leading national health bodies are briefing parliamentarians today, calling for alcohol pricing to be placed on the agenda of the upcoming Federal Tax Forum in October…

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