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Passing the carbon price through the Senate is a victory, but there is plenty yet to be done. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Celebrate a carbon tax, then take three steps to a zero carbon Australia

At long last, the Gillard Government’s carbon price is law. On July 1 next year, approximately 500 of our biggest companies will start paying the government $23 for every tonne of greenhouse gas they emit…
The CEFC isn’t the be-all and end-all of green power, but scrapping it would be a mistake.

Is the Clean Energy Finance Corporation the best way to get clean energy?

Last week the Coalition announced it would scrap the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) if it forms government. As the main renewable energy investment measure included in the Clean Energy Future…
Could offshore be a new dawn for wind power in Australia? Vattenfall

Europe has offshore wind farms … why can’t Australia?

The Victorian Government is severely limiting areas where onshore wind farms can be built. The New South Wales Government might soon attempt to follow. So, if Australia is to cut its greenhouse gas emissions…
Responses to climate change are becoming a crucial part of business strategy. AAP/Google

Google goes green … and others may follow

In early September, Google publicly disclosed details of its carbon footprint for the first time, launching the Google Green website in the process. The search giant revealed a carbon footprint of 1.5…
There are several options for future energy generation. We just need to get there. waldopepper

Stepping stones: the slippery path to a clean energy future

In news today, the Greens are calling for an end to federal funding for a proposed coal- and gas-fuelled power plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Others have suggested the plant provides a source of “transition…
Victorian planning amendments treat wind farms as a menace on the horizon. greenery/Flickr

Regulating wind farms out of Victoria

Wind farms, like much new technology, have generated both strong community support and vocal opposition. Victoria has recently amended its planning laws and regulations to restrict locations for wind farms…
Taking on climate change can put us on the path to a green industrial revolution. Matt de Neef

Treading the economic path to green growth

Despite the poor outlook for the Earth’s climate, putting in place acceptable solutions is proving difficult. Mired in economic uncertainty, some countries are scaling back climate change efforts. But…
To meet the energy challenge we have to think big. AAP Image/Snowy Hydro Limited

Australia’s low carbon economy: do the heavy lifting here

Today’s carbon navel-gazing by politicians, business leaders and media scribes seems determined to constrain Australia to the stone age of industrial competence, workforce skills and international environmental…
Solar is now a viable industry that should be taken seriously. AFP Photo/Sakis Mitrolidis

Solar will force coal and nuclear out of the energy business

A solar energy revolution is brewing that will put the coal and nuclear industries out of business. Solar is already reaching price parity with coal in many parts of Australia. In contrast to coal and…
A renewables boom is on the horizon for Australia. Adrian S Jones/flickr

Australia must act now on renewables or be left behind

Last week, Griffith University’s Vlado Vivoda argued that renewable energy “makes no economic or political sense” for Australia. While we welcome Vivoda’s contribution to the national energy policy debate…
We can use renewable energy even when the sun doesn’t shine. Martin Cathrae/flickr

Renewable energy can provide baseload power - here’s how

The myth that renewable energy sources can’t meet baseload (24-hour per day) demand has become widespread. After all, the wind doesn’t blow all the time, and there’s no sunlight at night. But detailed…

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