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Reid Watts of Canada competes in the first round of the men’s luge at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Do the Olympics still matter?

The Olympics have been plagued by doping, corruption and political problems. But academic and former Olympian Bruce Kidd says the Olympic Games are still an important humanitarian movement.
Corruption thrives in environments that have poor oversight and big money. EPA/Steffen Schmidt

Why stamping out corruption in FIFA won’t be easy

The limited release of FIFA’s investigation into corruption allegations surrounding the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup was supposed to allay the ever-increasing perception that corruption…
Qatari football fans celebrate … but for how much longer? Manaf Kamil

FIFA lawyers would find it hard to strip Qatar of the World Cup

Reports in the Sunday Times that improper secretive payments of millions of pounds were allegedly made to officials supporting Qatar’s bid for the 2022 World Cup have led to calls for the Gulf state to…
What chance the ICC will act to clean up cricket, which continues to be dogged by corruption scandals? EPA/Rahat Dar

Corruption in sport: cricket, transparency and governance

Amidst crowded match schedules that are as much about finance as play, cricket’s off-field governance and probity problems have reappeared to raise further questions about its future. News broke last week…
Victorian soccer club Southern Stars has been caught up in the biggest match-fixing scandal to hit Australian sport. What can be done to prevent further instances of corruption? ABC News

Falling Stars: Australian soccer scandal shines bright

Since taking over as chief executive of the Football Federation Australia (FFA), Australian soccer’s governing body, David Gallop would have “sold his arse” (to paraphrase Tony Abbott) to have the sport…
Public interest can suffer when sports journalists look the wrong way. Natursports/

On scandal after scandal, sports journalists drop the ball

The year so far has been terrible for the reputation of sport. Lance Armstrong confessed (sort of) to Oprah; Europol discovered widespread match-fixing in European football; the Australian Crime Commission…
Stephen Dank, former sports scientist for Essendon, is launching a $10m defamation claim against various media organisations. ABC/7.30 Report

The media and the madness: sport, drugs and Dank’s defamation

When sport and drugs are involved, often hyperbole is not far away. “This is not a black day in Australian sport, this is the blackest day,” opined the former head of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping…
Part of Team GB’s success at the 2012 Olympics can be attributed to rigorous sports science. Sum_of_Marc/Flickr

Sports science: time for proper accreditation

Stephen Dank, the man at the centre of Essendon drug scandal has been widely quoted in the media as a sport scientist or performance scientist. He has a PhD but is not accredited with Exercise Sport Science…

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