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A fan cheers for U.S. tennis players in the men’s doubles gold medal match during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano

Fandom usually means tracking your favorite team for years − so why are the Olympics so good at making us root for sports and athletes we tune out most of the time?

Patriotic coverage helps forge the Olympics’ sense of community, weaving viewers’ lives together with athletes’ struggles and triumphs.
Can Governor Baker continue to thread the needle? Reuters

Boston Olympic bid is bad news for Massachusetts governor

Charlie Baker is the new Governor of Massachusetts and, doggone it, he likes government. Though this notion is antithetical to most elite Republican office holders, Governor Baker is firmly in the blue…
Hosting the Olympics offers a chance to remake Boston. Boston 2024

Boston 2024: city eyes many challenges and opportunities in bid to host Summer Games

Editor’s Note: Last month the United States Olympics Committee picked Boston to lead the US bid to host the Summer Games in 2024. Mayor Martin Walsh recently began a series of community meetings intended…

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