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Blink and you’ll miss the subtle changes we’ve made to bikes of late. thelearningcurvedotca

Explainer: how do cyclists reach super fast speeds?

Even though spoked wheels and pneumatic tyres were invented in the 1880s, bicycle design hasn’t really changed a great deal in the time since – at least, at face value. However, look closer and around…
Marianne Vos of the Netherlands takes gold in the London 2012 women’s road race. Ian Langsdon/EPA

Olympic cycling – why do men’s and women’s events differ?

You’ll have noticed the distances ridden by female and male elite cyclists differ in some Olympic events and are identical in others, which raises the obvious question: why? If we really wanted to simplify…
Machine learning techniques can help riders stand out from the rest of the field. AAP Image/Joe Castro

Riding smart: how AI gives Olympic track cyclists an edge

With track cycling events now underway at the London Olympics, athletes from around the world are pushing themselves to the limit to outperform their rivals and, hopefully, claim gold. Back here in Melbourne…
When differences are measured in milliseconds, athletes will look for anything to get the edge. Joe Castro/ AAP

Britain vs Australia in Olympic cycling: is there a hometown advantage?

There is perhaps no greater sporting rivalry than that between Great Britain and Australia – it’s like the little brother trying to knock off his older sibling in any pursuit possible, simply for the glory…
Shane Perkins is just one of the Australians going for gold at the world championships. AAP Image/David Crosling

Track Cycling World Championships – the making of modern sprinters

Today in Melbourne the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships get underway. Results from the five-day competition will determine which riders represent the various national track cycling teams at the…

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