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Think twice before copying Tyson’s tattoo. Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Who owns your tattoo? Maybe not you

Copyright and trademark law mean that the body art inked into your skin may leave you open to an infringement lawsuit.
Problem solved. Jin Thai

Rubik’s Cube trademark puzzle solved by EU court

The Rubik’s Cube has confounded millions of people, including myself since discovering it in my uncle’s house as a child. And now the iconic three-dimensional puzzle has been the subject of an EU ruling…
Do you have permission for this shrine? EPA

Shock marketing reached new lows with MH17 trademarking

Just hours after MH17 crashed into fields in eastern Ukraine, a mysterious Malaysian company filed an application with authorities in Australia to trademark the doomed plane’s flight number. If accepted…
Lush’s gripe with Amazon is an explosive issue and it’s not just about ethics. firepile

We might regret backing Lush over Amazon in trade mark wars

The ongoing battle between cosmetics company Lush and internet retailer Amazon is starting to give off a distinctly unsavoury odour. At the beginning, many supported plucky little Lush as it sought to…
Burberry if facing a trademark fight in China after failing to use its traditional Haymarket tartan in handbags for more than three years. vampirex/Flickr

Burberry’s China trademark threat a handbag war worth fighting

Burberry’s iconic Haymarket check tartan pattern is under threat following a trademark dispute in China. Local fashion manufacturer Polo Santa Roberta successfully applied to have the Burberry trademark…
The long-lost British World War II slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ has been revived in recent years, leading to it being successfully trademarked by a British businessman. Nima Badley

Keep calm and trademark it: privatising the English language

In the heart of Northumberland, England, is the pretty town of Alnwick. For bibliophiles, a stop at its second-hand bookshop is a must. Barter Books is housed in the town’s old railway station and, on…
Sweet victory: Cadbury now has the right to the trademark for the distinctive shade of purple it uses for the packaging of its chocolate. AAP

Trademark victory allows Cadbury to retain its purple reign

Can you own a colour, a name, or a sound? Those questions have been highlighted again in the UK, where there has been another outbreak of litigation about “Cadbury Purple”. Australian trademark law, like…

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