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The controversial “two-strikes” rule has prompted improved communication surrounding executive pay in companies like Bluescope Steel. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Executive pay pain won’t go away

The controversial two-strikes law for shareholder voting on executive remuneration is now in its third Australian AGM season. The rule requires companies to put a motion to shareholders to “spill” the…
Blue Scope Steel’s Paul O'Malley has sought to sidestep shareholder anger with his decision to forgo a performance bonus. AAP

Strike two and you’re out… it’s board spilling season

It’s reporting season and the interest in executive pay is heating up again. Alan Joyce is the latest CEO to forgo a bonus, joining a growing number of high profile business leaders including Rio Tinto’s…
Two strikes - a term borrowed from baseball, now being applied to Australian executive pay. EPA/Arleen Ng

‘Two strikes’ law for shareholders, but will it curb executive pay?

Australia’s new “two strikes” law giving shareholders more power to curb excessive executive pay packets, promises to shake up some businesses. Homewares company GUD Holdings has already been hit with…

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