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Stoking the fires. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

No shortage of ‘friends’ – but Miliband left them hanging

So no rabbit then. But plenty of friends. Probably too many, if truth be told; and maybe too many promises, too. The six-part plan unveiled by Ed Miliband in his Labour conference speech is at least one…
Put some HP sauce on it, Ed. Allan Warren

Lessons from Harold Wilson for a struggling Labour leader

On the morning of October 16 1964, Harold Wilson entered Downing Street as prime minister. He had just ended 13 years of Conservative rule – one that had been predicted to last a generation just four years…
Ed to Ed. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Labour bid to break from the past ignores the fiscal reality

Ed Miliband is trying to wrestle back the political initiative in Manchester. The leader of the opposition must avoid becoming mired in deeply complex constitutional questions of devolution at his party’s…

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