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Other states and territories could follow suit and similarly reinvest in their TAFE systems through a comparable policy initiative. Julian Smith/AAP

Free TAFE in Victoria: who benefits and why other states should consider it

30 skill priority areas will be free from the beginning of 2019 in Victoria. Students will feel the most benefit, while private providers say the policy is not equitable.
Last week’s wholesale sackings of TAFE leaders is just another chapter in the chaotic story of the vocational reforms. AAP Image/Joe Castro

Excuses for heavy-handed TAFE sackings don’t hold up

On the eve of Good Friday, in apparent attempt to bury a bad news story, the Victorian government sacked seven of the chairs of its 14 standalone TAFEs and two more were to “retire”. These sackings came…
The announcement this week of funding for Victorian TAFEs won’t make up for previous cuts. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Napthine falls short: TAFE needs more than a bandaid

There might be a new premier in Victoria, but it seems there’s still no good news for TAFEs. The $200 million in structural adjustment funding announced this week is certainly welcome, but it is simply…
The role of TAFEs in supporting innovation by anticipating knowledge and skills can’t be easily picked up by universities. (AAP Image/Joe Castro

TAFE cuts will affect everyone: state governments should think again

TAFE staff are striking today to demonstrate their opposition to unparalleled funding cutbacks totalling almost $300 million imposed by the Victorian State Government. A recent leaked cabinet paper summarising…
Education experts say cuts to TAFE in regional areas will have major social consequences. AAP

TAFE cuts will harm the economy, boost crime rate: experts

State governments arew wrecking the TAFE system and cuts to TAFE institutes in regional areas will have major social and economic consequences say education experts. “They’re cutting out rungs in the education…

Cuts will ‘privatise TAFE and close campuses’ in Victoria

Education experts and senior academics have called on the Victorian Government to abandon budget cuts that they say will effectively privatise TAFE in Victoria and force several campuses to shut. In an…
Cutting TAFE funding effects the people that need education and training most.

Victorian TAFE cuts: an attack on working people

The phrase “class warfare” has been thrown around a lot in the media and within political circles recently – usually without much basis. But in Victoria it is very real; the current Liberal Government…
The Victorian government’s TAFE cuts have shown other states exactly what not to do. Flickr/Takver

Victorian TAFE chaos: a lesson in how not to reform vocational education

For years, those concerned with vocational education and training have worried about how to lift the public profile of TAFEs. But what has taken many years for some – without much success – the Baillieu…

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